Hatchetpedia is a cooperative attempt to record information of use to the Juggalo community. If it's related in any way to juggalo community or culture, chances are it's worth mentioning on Hatchetpedia. You are the best judge of that, so be bold in updating pages! The above is a Wikipedia guideline. In general, Wikipedia policies and guidelines are good things to follow here, too, because they've been tried and tested over time. Many topics here may also be covered to an extent in Wikipedia; we aim to cover juggalo topics to a greater depth than might be considered appropriate for a general-purpose encyclopaedia.

As such, a few exceptions to Wikipedia customs include:

  • Our tolerance of vanity pages is much higher. If there is anything about a person which might be of interest to the community, it is worth recording. If you are writing about yourself, you might want to put personal activities or contact details on your wiki user page, then link to it from the main page about you (note that the latter is community-edited - it's not "your page").
  • As a generalization of the above, you should not be concerned if what you write is only of interest to a small group of people. Purely personal projects or websites might be best discussed on a page about you, or on your wiki user page, but almost anything has a place somewhere.