Background information
Birth name Ron Braunstein
Origin Brooklyn, NY
Genre(s) Death metal, hip hop
Occupation(s) Rapper, record producer
Years active 1988—present
Label(s) Psycho+Logical-Records
Associated acts Ill Bill, Mr. Hyde
Website Necro Hip Hop

Necro is an American rapper and producer from Brooklyn, New York, and the brother of Ill Bill. Born Ron Braunstein, Necro cofounded the death metal band Injustice in 1988, with Ill Bill. The band disbanded two years later, and the brothers soon began careers as rappers, maintaining a strong heavy metal influence in their music, with Necro fusing death metal with hip hop on albums such as Death Rap. Necro is a Satanist. In 2003, Necro directed the pornographic video Sexy Sluts: Been There, Done That. Necro performed at the Gathering in 2007.


  • Necro (1998)
  • I Need Drugs (2000)
  • Gory Days (2001)
  • The Pre-Fix For Death (2004)
  • The Sexorcist (2005)
  • Death Rap (2007)
  • Die! (2010)


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